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Dec 1, 2012 5:30pm PST
the rewards that follow when you pull it off. nbc's mike taibbi has the story tonight from los angeles. >> reporter: they were an undermanned high school football team from fremont, california. only 19 players from a small school, and they're under sized, not one player even 200 pounds, which made their run to a 10-2 record and elite championship something special. but the csd eagles overcame an even bigger obstacle on the way to friday night glory because csd stands for california school for the deaf. that's right. every player and coach warren keller, too, is deaf. >> we want to prepare the kids the best we can for the rest of their lives. get them, no matter what happens on the field and how much we push them we want to prepare them for their real life. >> reporter: small but quick, the eagles were pushed to practice fast and play that way. the hurry-up offense with each snap within seven seconds of the referee's spot. >> we set up fast. we snap the ball fast. >> reporter: and what do you know? it worked. one bigger opponent after another bit the dust. almost all of them pub
Dec 22, 2012 6:30pm EST
of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. here is nbc's mike taibbi from fort stewart, georgia. >> it seems so simple. the human reflex. that time of year you remember those you've lost. but in fort stewart, what takes place in december has become more than a simple reflex. they place wreaths by a marker each by its own tree to remember every third infantry soldier who gave all for the sake of all of us like lieutenant john eades killed in iraq in 2007 leaving his bride laura behind. >> having the ceremony does kind of bring you back and sometimes it's painful. but i think it's important to remember. >> and major paul voelke who just this past june fell in combat in afghanistan leaving a.j. and benjamin fatherless. >> it's so hard to live without him. >> reporter: and wife tracy comforted that this gathering will recur each year. >> hopefully my grand kids will come back and see that we can come back and visit and know that he is alive in our hearts. >> reporter: like all news organizations, nbc news could not have covered the march to baghdad at the start of t
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
violence than guns themselves. from los angeles, nbc's mike taibbi takes a closer look at the issue of violence in our popular culture. >> reporter: it was a week after the explosion of gunfire in newtown that the nra's wayne lapierre called hollywood and the gaming industry enablers and co-conspirators in a culture of gun violence. >> a child growing up in america today witnesses 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence by the time he or she reaches the ripe old age of 18. >> reporter: hollywood knows the poll body count is high and profitable. five of the year's top ten grossing movies involve plenty of graphic violence. the same story in the game world. top sellers include ultraviolent products like "call of duty, blacks on," "assassin's creed" and "grand theft auto." the small screen, hit shows with abundant violence like showtime's "homeland" and "dexter" get the ink, awards and ratings and a tv writer says that won't range. >> ultimately television will say why should we change in the viewers want this. >> reporter: polls taken after newtown say what happened there was so who
Dec 31, 2012 6:30pm EST
their lives. nbc's mike taibbi has the story of two veterans who are passing along some hard-won lessons to a new generation, and making a difference. >> reporter: at first blush, it wasn't much of a parade. a couple hundred yards and a few people along the way. and two old soldiers, the honored guest. >> we are proud of you! >> reporter: but perhaps no one deserves a parade more. major general pat brady and lieutenant general bruce crandall are recipients of the congressional medal of honor, the nation's highest salute. for both men, both helicopter evac pilots, vietnam was their war. brady saving more than 60 wounded in one day of pure hell in 1968. and crandall, three years earlier, braving enemy fire on two straight missions, the story of the hollywood film "we were soldiers." >> are you inbound? >> reporter: but today the men are on a new mission as part of the congressional medal of honor foundation's character development program, has now touched down in 44 states. a free lesson plan for schools like this one in acton, california that trains teachers how to translate the v
Dec 23, 2012 8:00am EST
your rant was passed over for mispronouncing a word. first mike taibbi has the story. >> reporter: the squares were filling in and anyone watching who knows the 12 days of christmas probably had the answer. renee durack did too. >> "seven swans a swimmin' well, that's not right. >> renee, who had nearly $4,000 on the line had said swimmin', not swimming. >> "seven swans a swimmin'". >> amy got it right but seemed to feel bad about it. >> seven swans a swimming. >> do you know what happened there? >> no. well, renee knew what happened as well. it was easy to do, because you kind of did it in the ver knack cuellar and left off that. >> a terrible decision to rob that poor woman of her victory. won't be watching anymore. >> on twitter, that's cold. shame on "wheel of fortune." you got to be kiddin'. it has been an american tv staple for nearly four decades. like all successful game shows, there are rules. >> the show has been on for a long time. i'm sure they have had situations like this before. if anybody knows the rules of the show, it is pat sajack. >> fact, right answers called
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm EST
actually. some places the noise is as loud as a jackhammer or subway train. mike taibbi tells us more. >> reporter: it's not your granddaddy's christmas anymore. more hard surfaces. open kitchens. fewer tablecloths, more curtains, less space between tables, and less comfortable chairs. and all that noise. this is a-frame in west l.a., one of the city's loudest. roy choy likes it that way. >> i want you to feel like you almost stumbled into a hub. we wrapped ourselves around you. >> reporter: but it makes conversation a challenge. >> for me, not quite normal. i feel like i'm raising my voice. >> you're not at all? >> reporter: yes, i was. it's loud here. the sound meter said it's about 90 decibels. think lawn mower, or boeing 737 taking off 100 yards away. given those comparative sound levels, diners are complaining about noise more than anything else. they're listing noise levels a mini crisis to bon apetit's andrew nolton. >> it's infuriating sitting literally two feet from somebody and not being able to hear them. >> reporter: restaurant architects acknowledging the move to industri
Dec 12, 2012 7:00am PST
shooter. she said yes, i know, and we are. apparently it was at nordstrom's. >> nbc's mike taibbi joins me from the scene in clackamas, oregon. what's the scene there? >> reporter: imagine being part of that scene in any way at all. let's start with some good news, and there is some. first of all, about the victim who survived, we know two were killed and one survived. the family of that victim is now permitted to release her name. she is 15-year-old christina. according to one of her social network postings, she had recently survived a terrible car accident and now this. she appears to have escaped death twice at this point. her injuries were not serious to any vital organs. she had emergency surgery and is listed this morning in serious but stable condition. about the gunman, according to witnesses, he strolled throughout the mall with what they describe as an assault type weapon. sources have told our justice correspondent and colleague pete williams that it was like an ar-15. they said he was a 22-year-old male with apparently no criminal record, that he was allegedly firing randoml
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am EST
is. pyrex says it's misleading and unfair. mike taibbi has our story. >> good morning. i have one and used to bake meatloaf in it. still works just fine. number of reported incidents of glass cookware failing, including pyrex products, has increased significantly. world kitchen, parent company for the pyrex brand, says their glass cookware is in eight out of every ten american homes with hundreds of millions of uses per year. and they say only a tiny number of those uses has led to any complaints. mostly, the company says, from impact breakage when the piece has been dropped or banged into something. one nonimpact complaint is from 70-year-old debbie parker of michigan. she made her traditional casserole this week but can't forget the one she made two years ago served to her family. >> there was a large explosion and we looked down and the casserole was just shattered. the glass was shattered. >> she later called world kitchen, which sells some 40 million pyrex pieces a year. when she described what happened was offered a replacement. >> i laughed. i said like i want another one o
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am EST
as a jackhammer or subway train. what is this noise all about? here's nbc's mike taibbi. >> it's not your daddy's restaurant business anymore. more hard surfaces, open kitchens, fewer table cloths or curtains, less space between tables, and less comfortable chairs. and all that noise. this is a frame. >> i want yo uh to feel like you almost stumbled into a hub and we wrapped ourselves around you. >> reporter: but it makes conversation a challenge. >> for me, not quite normal. i feel like i'm raising my voice. >> you're not at all. you're not at all. >> reporter: yeah, i was. it's loud here. this sound level meter says it's about 90 decibels. think a lawn mower or a 747 taking off. diners are complaining about noise more than anything else except bad service. reviewers and restaurant rating sites are now listing noise levels, a mini crisis to bon appetit. and restaurant architects acknowledging the move to industrial seat design and rooms that feel alive are working not to eliminate noise but to manipulate it. >> to appear more of a collage that's pleasing. >> i wanted that holy grail
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)